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Mothic creates meticulously designed software that delights your users and accomplishes your objectives on time and on budget.

The web in 2017 is different.

To stay relevant, your team needs a partner that leverages the latest design and tech. Mothic builds web applications, mobile applications and rich user interfaces from the ground up. We’ll help you budget for new projects and provide useful and actionable advice to improve your existing software and designs.


Modern Web Software

Built on cutting edge frameworks.

Mobile Application Development

Your company’s next big idea needs a forward-thinking creative team to make it a reality. Mothic will take your idea, evaluate your strategy, put it through the process of information architecture, craft a beautiful user interface and develop it on mobile languages such as Swift, Objective-C, Android or the cross platform library Cordova.

Web Application Development

Dreams and ideas are often larger than budgets. Mothic will give you ball park numbers you can take action on and help your team make sensible trade offs through an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). We’re used to dancing around tight budgets and geting leadership buy-in.

Enterprise CMS Development

Mothic is often requested to apply it’s software skills to produce CMS implementations. Mothic uses WordPress, Umbraco C#, Sitecore and rolls it’s own custom CMS solutions where appropriate.

UX Design

After detailing requirements and getting under contract, most software projects start here. Our team will identify and interview your users and stakeholders. Mothic can help your team balance user needs with company needs. Once we’re ready for visuals, the design will begin to take shape as we create Ideaboards, Wireframes and Rapid Prototypes. Even if your team already has design resources, you can rely on us to leverage our tightly knit design and development skills to provide a third party opinion that will yield the best possible outcome.

Interaction Design

If your team already has requirements, wireframes and prototypes, the next step is to design a sleek user interface and identify the interactions. We nitpick every detail from the usability down to the richness of the animations. Mothic doesn’t just treat your wireframes as a means to an end. Using them as a loose content map allows us to still have the flexibility to iterate and create an even better looking and functioning product.

Systems Analysis

Years of designing and developing web applications has taught us pain points and best practices. We can perform audits of your legacy systems and provide custom tailored advice to improve your current products if you don’t have the budget for a complete overhaul. If you’re architecting a new system, we’re an excellent neutral third party to help you choose the rich architecture to meet your needs.


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