Full Stack Development, .NET C#, Sitecore

Verizon Fleetmatics

Verizon Fleetmatics C# Sitecore Enterprise Website

Verizon Fleetmatics is a provider of SaaS vehicle fleet management software. Together with Fleetmatics, we helped to help create a .NET C# Sitecore solution that powers a backend full of thousands of pages and multiple sites in multiple languages. After our initial buildout, we’ve provided hundreds of hours of Sitecore C# support to Fleetmatics. Supplementing their team when they don’t have resources and on call over long weekends and through late nights. Our tendency to be a dependable partner even through off hours is part of our mission.

  • Client: Verizon Fleetmatics
  • Year: 2014
  • Website: http://www.fleetmatics.com
  • Services: Software Development, Full Stack Development, .NET, C#,  Sitecore